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"To the degree that we come to understand other organisms, we will place a greater value on them, and on ourselves" - A.O. Wilson in Biophilia, 1984

 Equal parts discovery and entertainment, INSECTA presents a spectacular array of super high-resolution, ‘hyper-real’ color photographs of bugs and insects, magnified by 500% or more. As a graphic and educational counterpart, each insect name is translated into five main languages (German, Italian, English, French, and Spanish) and paired with sculptural, jewel-like close-up images of the bugs in this visually-arresting, large-format photography book. Dazzling photographs show the intricate anatomy, vivid coloration, and complex patterns of a variety of bug species whose widely-differing details, are not visible to the naked eye. Some of the insect species will be instantly recognizable, others are so rare and exotic, that many readers have possibly never seen before! In addition, fun and informative scientific text accompanies each bug type to remind us of the ever-fascinating masterful design and machinery inherent to the natural world.


  • A compendium of 220 pages with over 70 color, super magnified photographs of common and rare bug species
  • This tome will appeal to children and adults of all ages because of the educational aspect of the book with accessible informational text, the graphical design of the five languages and the sheer wonder of viewing the different insect types in intense macro detail
  • A visually breathtaking and intellectually enlightening addition to any child's bookshelf or grown-up's coffee table
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